tumblr_ma3f3hbqvl1qazfyuo1_500via Daily Prompt: Doubt

Doubt A word or a habit present in almost every individuals mind.

Doubts occurs in each and every situation be it personal or professional.

We doubt our own abilities ,our friends ,spouse,family and kids.

I think it is the creator of all problems ,because of it we lost our faith and self belief and start doing mistakes in personal and professional life.It is work as a barrier for us.

It kills more dreams than failure, as we have doubt in our mind we never try to chase our dreams.People often says that there are a lot of obstacles in the journey to success , but the biggest road block to your success is the doubt in your mind.It is truly said that …..

If your faith can move mountains than your doubt can create them.

So it is better to have faith in self than having doubt,it will take you to the success.

 Deepti : Admin


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