Market Research Online

Online market research is the cheapest option for small firms to do research quickly.

For small firms doing market research is expensive! think again they can do their research

online without spending much.

Online Research is an important tool for researchers compare to other methods like face to face,telephonic or paper surveys.

Respondents like online surveys than paper surveys as they are easy to complete and even give them some earning also .

Research providing companies have panels of consumers,where they can put surveys for

them on regular basis. Firm can submit as many as questions on these panels at low cost.

The panels are formed on the basis of demographic or socio-economic groups.

Market research is an essential part of any  business in order to produce their product and

services  in the market at the right price and to the right people.

Thanks to Online Research it becomes easy for small firms to gather useful data quickly,easily and cheaply.


Opinion Polls

Opinion Polling is conducted to analyze the attitude or behavior of nations
Population on a particular topic, person ,or party. In opinion polls random
samples from the population are used and on the basis of this results were
decides.polls may be about current affairs ,sports, entertainment, or political issues.

Difference Between Polls and Surveys

Polls and Surveys are the two forms of Market Research are similar in many ways
but there are many difference which are as following:

* A poll is brief and focused in method as compare to survey. Surveys are longer
and mostly covered larger range of material.

*Collection of data is same in polls and surveys like telephone, online, paper questionnaire or in person but the duration of collection is lesser in polls than surveys .

*Design of polls are simpler than surveys. As nature of poll is quick the questions are
very straightforward like yes/no or A or B choices that can be answered and analyzed
rapidly compare to survey. Survey offer more flexibility to use techniques like rating,ranking, and open ended questions.

*Analysis and reporting of survey is more involved compare to poll.
the information of the poll summarized easily in news release,on TV
but for survey reports requires 100 pages or more for findings.

Though there is difference between poll and survey but still we can say
the design and methodology has to be meaningful. Both require thoughtful
analysis of data to find out exact result. Both are valuable Tools for organizations
to learn more about their consumer, voters, readers and viewers.

Online Market Research Tools


Online Market Research Can be done with the help of following tools-

  1. Key word Research can be done to find out your competitors’ in the market. You can search these on Google or Yahoo with key words. Word Tracker and Trellian’s Keyword Discovery are

The most popular search engines.

  1. Competeters link is the other option to find out your competitors in the market, their price, popularity and presences.

3 Reading Blog is also an option to update your knowledge regarding product and it also help you to write about the product or service you are going to launch in the market.

  1. One of the most popular tools for conducting online market research is the online Surveys- These surveys help companies to find out the opinion of the customers on their product. It is low cost market research tool.