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Doubt A word or a habit present in almost every individuals mind.

Doubts occurs in each and every situation be it personal or professional.

We doubt our own abilities ,our friends ,spouse,family and kids.

I think it is the creator of all problems ,because of it we lost our faith and self belief and start doing mistakes in personal and professional life.It is work as a barrier for us.

It kills more dreams than failure, as we have doubt in our mind we never try to chase our dreams.People often says that there are a lot of obstacles in the journey to success , but the biggest road block to your success is the doubt in your mind.It is truly said that …..

If your faith can move mountains than your doubt can create them.

So it is better to have faith in self than having doubt,it will take you to the success.

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There’s nothing wrong with striving to be the best, but learn how to handle your emotions if things don’t turn out as expected. With Love, K. L. Author of “Everyday Isn’t Perfect”:

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TOP 10 Communication Skill

Communication Skill is the most important part of your life,as it

helps you to be successcommunifull in every aspect of your life. If you Are

Good in communication, you will succeed in your career.

Here are 10 most important communication skills which are helpful

to everyone.

1.Listening :First and most important skill is Listening.

If you are a good listener you know how to communicate.

People who are good listener never had a problem to communicate.

Here is a famous quote which help you to understand the importance of listening.

The Biggest Communication Problem is we do not listen to understand

We listen to reply.

2.Nonverbal Communication : Some Time it is better to use nonverbal

communication in place of verbal communication.

3.Clarity and Concision : Your conversation should be clear and easy to

understand. Use less words to convey an idea without adding too much in it.

4.Friendliness : Your Communication Should be friendly so that others can

feel comfortable to communicate with you, which give you more response.

5.Confidence: You should have confidence on your skills and it must be there in your communication.It helps you to achieve desired results.

6.Empathy : If you have the ability to understand and share the feelings of

others will help you to get along very well in your communication.

7.Open mindedness : you should be open mind while having conversation,

as it helps you to understand others opinion and can change your mind according the situation.

8.Respect : Always give respect to the person with you are having conversation.

9.Feedback : Always give importance to feedback as it gives you the

chance to improve .

10.Picking up the right medium :If you have the Idea of right medium

to communicate with a particular  person  than half the work is done.Choosing  the

right medium is the most important step of communication skill.

Time Management TIPS

1.Put your Goals in Writing: Write your Goals on daily, Weekly,

Monthly and yearly basis to achieve your ultimate go


3.Learn to say no: Most of the time we say yes to others because we are


2. Scheduled your task : If you are listing your work on a to do list

shows that you are ready to work on them ,but scheduling task according to their importance in your planner show your commitment to get them available or we do not want to appose.Remember to check your priority

before saying yes so that does not affect your goals.

4.Practice the Pareto Principal : Work on 80:20 rate or on Pareto Principal

to achieve your goal .20% efforts results in 80% outcome if you put efforts

with focusing on your priorities.

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