Best online market research tips for beginner

Online Market Research is the same as traditional research because the goal or the aim of the research is the same.

In both methods the ultimate aim is to gather as much as information about the target audience, product or market as possible. But online research is in advance due to its high research, performance, and its presence in international level.

Methods of Conducting Online Research:

Online Research can be done by three ways-

  • Using Internet as a method of research
  • Internet as a subject of research
  • using internet as a medium of research

Research Techniques-

There are many techniques for both offline and  online market research for large, medium or small sized business.

Major Types Of Researches are:

  1. Audience Research: These types of research are conduct by Print, TV or Radio Media to find out their audience percentage.
  2. Product Research: Mostly done by the consumer product companies for the product like food, beverages and automobiles.
  3. Brand Analysis: To find out the popularity of the brand in the market.
  1. Psychological Research: This type of research helps companies to find out temperament, lifestyle, income and other factors of the consumer.
  2. Scanner Research: It helps to checkout scans of transaction

Marketing points of views. This scanner helps users track the success and link of the product.

  1. Data Base Research: Data base research helps to find out buying habits of different income groups.
  2. Post-Sale or Consumer Satisfaction Research: It helps to find out consumer satisfaction .Good to increase goodwill and mouth publicity of the product.